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Kala Djula
Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ali Farka Touré:

Allah Uya allah uya mayfsvhz ajfsjsyjsgajfafs shhsgysyfejsyys hsusyehw…
Beto I lay down with an angel I lay down with an…
Hawa Dolo hawa dololo hawa dololo hawa hawa dololo hawa hawa né yaté b…
Mali Dje I lay down with an angel I lay down with an…
Savane J'ai quitte' mon pays et ma Louisiane Mais dans d'autres pay…
Soko Лети соко преко Равне Горе и дозива четничке војводе Глас с…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Toumani Diabaté:

Queen Bee Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, baby been sweet on…
Take This Hammer Take this hammer, carry it to the captain Take this hammer,…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

cheikh diop

Farka. (à Aly Farka Touré )

Ali Ibrahim !
Tu as perdu neuf frères
Neuf frères du même père et de la même mère
Quelle tristesse !
Il est une tradition en Afrique de donner un surnom
Un surnom vraiment étrange à son unique enfant
Si tous les autres ont été perdus

En bons africains les parents te donne le surnom farka
Farka ! L’âne
Tu es l’âne au sens mélioratif
Tu es l’âne de par la force, l’endurance
Tu es l’âne de par la ténacité et la résistance
Tu es l’âne de l’Afrique, du Mali Bambara
Tu es l’âne du peulh, du songhaï
Tu es le cœur de la vie
Qui connaît l’Afrique sait que l’âne y est symbole de la vie
Mais tu es l’âne sur lequel personne ne peut monter

Farka ! De ton vivant Niafunké était une source
Où les gens venaient s’abreuver en culture et tradition
À certains qui apaises le cœur en musique
Tantôt traditionnelle tantôt classique
À d’autres tu donnes en abondance
Monsieur le maire
En toi rien n’est en latence

Farka ! Te voici en repos
Offrant tes restes à ces terres que tu as partout porté en ambassadeur
Niafunké est désormais un lieu de recueillement spirituel
Touré ! Tes empreintes sur nous serons éternels

All comments from YouTube:

Ovace Sidiki

I am From Asia ....But i love Mother Africa...........long live us all

Steve Madison

It doesn't get any better than this... Grand Masters!
RIP Brother Ali.

LaTreasha Lewis

My DNA research brought me here. Learning my ancestors were from Mali I found myself here... and my YAH did I find myself. It's like like falling in love the first time. Not sure how many times i have listened on repeat. I am so happy... Todah to the masters here.

Lolo Bebel

You're welcome. Malian music is so wonderful, i am sure you will love it. I do and i'm not even malian (I'm french, and by the way forgive my bad English).
Check Fatoumata Diawara if you like beauty!

LaTreasha Lewis

Lolo Bebel no I have just been listening to videos that are similar to this beauty. I have, however, found others that I like as well...just not sure of names. I will pull up more based on your recommendation. Todah (thank you).

Lolo Bebel

Do you know other malian artists such as Oumou Sangaré, Fatoumata Diawara, Ballaké Sissoko or Salif Keïta?

Monsieur Africain

I will never forget Ali Farka Touré and that smile he would always have on his face whenever he was doing his musique. He was truly a great hero, and someone I look up to like another father. I hope to accomplish what he has accomplished someday as an African. I pray to follow in his footsteps for a better Africa, and a better future for all Africans and those around the entire world. Thank you Ali.


Wait. What! I had no idea there was more material from the master Ali. I am ecstatic to hear this news. This is a much needed breath of fresh air in the music industry. Thank you World Circuit I would never have known of Ali, Toumani, Vieux, and so many others if it weren't for your label


La distancia nos diferencia. El abandono nos iguala. Y cuando nos reencontramos, qué resultados!: Joya preciosa.


As the sigle sais "music doesnt get much better than this" this is the truth...

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