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Come Alive
by Allen-Lande

In an empty room
Without any door
All is painted black
And it seems like there is no way out

Wake up from this dream
Knowing it's not true
Knowing everything is fake
But I cannot loose the pain I feel
Even if I know it's not real

I can pray every day
And all night just to hear you say
The words that make my world slow down
The words that make me live
I can pray every day
And all night just to see you smile
A smile that makes my life go on
A smile that makes my heart and soul
Come alive
Come alive

Outside this dark room
Beyond the stonewall
In a place I can't see
You are sitting there and waiting for me

I'm trying to imagine
Your face in front of me
I'm trying to remember
The sound of your soft warm voice
Giving me the strength I need

I can pray every day...

Contributed by Nicholas I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Just the most incredible combination of tone & riff that's ever graced my ears..

Flávio Rafael Brito

One of the great songs from Allen/Lande, beautifully arranged.

Xeper Official

This is one of the most beautiful songs i have heard in my life. It can be about your love, about a loss of a loved person, about yourself and about being in either physical or psychological confinement


That Riff Absoulutely Awesome

Vage Men

one of the most beautiful song and lyrics ever written!!

Randy Tempelaar

Best love song ever written

User 5102764822650728

Best song ever!

Martin Vikor

3 people won't never see a smile in theyr life!

Raphael Augusto



Who in the hell would give this a thumbs down? You need to have your heads examined.

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