Alto Moon Lyrics

When leaves start to fall
From naked trees
The seasons are changing, and so are we
This is where we are now, in these four walls
From sunrise in spring, 'til sunsets in fall

But, I'll take you through storms and waves
And i'll take you to roads unpaved
But, if gravity lets go and we float, We'll go see stars together
And if the earth stopped spinnin' and fell out of orbit
We'll live on Mars together

I'll go to nowhere witcha
I'll pack light and go there with ya And even if the clouds are still
Your wishes are my will

But, if gravity lets go and we float, we'll go see stars together
We'll go see stars, oh yeah
And if the earth stopped spinnin' and fell out of orbit, we'll live on Mars together

Writer(s): Troy Garrick

Contributed by Christopher A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Tré Melvin


Grace Song

can't stop listening to this. it's so beautiful!!

JayOtter TM

I saw you on the Aries playlist on Spotify and I such a fan, you are truly a breath of fresh air!

Trippy Mation

Mate you're extremely talented and underrated as heck, I wished you a Good Luck.

Draven Tessener

this guy was on a blackgryph0n video about tik tok


@Trixie Meakins me too lol🤣🤣😅

Trixie Meakins

That’s why I’m here he can dam sing

Schivandré Reid

This song is so underrated!

Iman A

Hi 👋🏻 this song came up in my Spotify and I’m so glad it did. I’ve been listening to it nonstop and already made it official that this will be played at my wedding (if I ever meet the one). So so good..... 💞

Iman A

0 dislikes..... as it should 🥳

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