Anything for You
Alvin Lee Lyrics

I am a man, living in this world
For better or worse
I've been round up and down
I've been lost and I've been found
I've been blessed and I've been cursed

I have been hot, I have been cold
Down here on this earth
I've been rich, I've been poor
Been round this block before
Enough to know what you're worth
You're the one I want

Hey - I do what I do, I'll put myself through
Anything for you, whatever it takes
Make no mistake, anything for you

I will surrender all of my pride
Sacrifice everything
Change my name, accept the blame
Change my ways, stay the same
Be your pawn or your king

There is the river, you are the bridge
Ooh Baby I wanna cross
You're so hot - you're so cool
What you've got - I could use
Just to please you enough
You're the one that I want

Hey - I do what I do, I'll put myself through
Anything for you, whatever it takes
Make no mistake, anything for you

You don't have to worry
I will be here
Here by your side

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steven marshall

JM.😇 On this day of OUR LORD
11-13 2021 I wish you peace.
Can't get better than this epic.
help me 'get away' as much as

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Gunnar Eriksen

Give me the chill everytime. One of the greatest song ever made. It's only my opinion. Are you with me.

Michael Bellm

Oh Yeah !!

Реште Борисович


Catrin Hofmann

Absolutely agree 👍

Kevin Kreusling

Same hear. Wow. U can feel his soul

Brian Ragbourn

Steamhammer Even the Clock is also a gem

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Nunya Bizness

George's slide on here is pretty as guitar can get, but Alvin's 3 1/2 min blues ride to carry the song out is just epic. Some of the nicest guitar blues ever recorded. Timeless.

Renate Hörmann

@Nunya Bizness
Renate Hörmann
Jes, that's wright, and
Alvin Lee liked that very much,
George Harrison know how to play...
Have a nice time,
Yoursincely from Renate Hörmann, living in the wonderful City Vienna /Europa ☮️😊

Nunya Bizness

@The Knowledgeable Travellers George Harrison. From the beatles. He plays the slide guitar in this song

The Knowledgeable Travellers

Is George Harris a part of this song?

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