If Only
Alyssa Milano Lyrics

Everytime I think about it
Something strong comes over me
Never will I live to doubt it
That you and I were simply meant to be
How could we have given up so easy
When we had so much worth fighting for
* If only we had worked it out together
Through it all
If only we talked a little longer
And broken down thewalls
If only we had held each other tighter
You'd might still be with me
Everytime I dream about it
I picture what we should have done
But how can I forget it
When life with you had only just begun
Now I sit alone thinkin' about us
Wondering where we would have been today
* Repeat
I don't know if I can take it anymore
I'm fighting on for you, but I'm losing the war
So tell me what I should do
To get back inside of you
Once again
* Repeat

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Comments from YouTube:

barbara suarez

me encanta la canción


beautiful song ,beautiful girl

jacob bradshaw

Acting is her strongest suit

Raven Rose

Honestly I think if she had voice lessons she coulda sounded good... may if she made her voice deeper thesong woulda sounded ok

Raven Rose

the song isnt that bad.. its kinda catchy

Lorena Floyhar

Gorgeous girl,Loved her in Who's The Boss and Charmed.But she really really sucks at singing.She's a better actress then she is a singer.At least she tried though.I give her credit for that.

L.Q's Black Life Matters

Can u do better


Why is she retired? She still is hot..

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