Talk to Me
Alyssa Milano Lyrics

Would you mind
If I held you
Would you mind
Or would you tell me not to
Would you mind
Breaking rules with me
Would you mind
Or would you rather let us be...
(chorus 1)
Too long waiting around
Just to get mylips on you
Too long waiting around
To let you out, let you slip, in and out my fingertips
(chorus 2)
Talk to me
I don't really know you
Talk to me
Come on and make a sound
Talk to me
Need to get to know you
Talk to me
Don't play me around
Would you mind
Me comin' over
Would you mind
Or are youout with Casanova
Would you mind
If I telephoned
Would you mind
We really need to talk alone
(chorus 1)
(chorus 2)
Come on girl and talk to me
Oh I need to see you smile
We don't need no wedding ring
We just need to talk for a little while
(chorus 1)

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Comments from YouTube:

Yang Cho

oh my god I really remember this.. she was such a surprise visiting Korea. No pop stars visited Korea because they are scared of north Korea but she did and appeared at the most popular Saturday show. I was shocked!


what the......


is it really true that rock acts would not go there because scared of North Korea? c'mon...I know a lot of them are stupid, but really? there has not been an actual war there since 1953...did they explain that to them? lol..


Thank you so very much for uploading this rare performance! I never thought that I would see a video of Alyssa performing a song from her 'Do You See Me' album. It's awesome!


that time she was so popular in korea and japan~

Surah Online

I'm SOOOO obsessed with this song 😊💕 xxxx

Hanh Hoang

I love how it seems like she fits in perfectly

Klyi StJames

She should have been a bigger pop star then what she was she is amazing Talented


Wow I never knew she sung until now <3

Leo Houweling

Thanks for the great video she is a icon 😍❤💯

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