Ceremony To Fear
Am I Blood Lyrics

Colors I see are sentimental figures
The mass of people touches my frozen soul
A sound delights my ears I'm here alone
And it flatters her slow vanity

Chaos - Ceremony to fear

Picture on the wall is moving to the corner
A glass of air feed my open head
I seek too long deep seasons from your room
Clearing rhyme chimes in slowly painted moves

Chaos - Ceremony to fear

Out on a field I felt a cold scene
Dressed emotions like a mortal pain
Keep my brains in ice they melt away
Pink soldiers carrying major's mind

Chaos - Ceremony to fear

Should I sleep until my mind is full filled
Exposing emptiness is using only tears
Disorder in a box too hardly I tried to have
The last thing that never needs to be shared

Chaos - Ceremony to fear

Can't there just be happiness
Order of sense is running through
The gallantly dying pride of mine
Over my speech, it's fading now

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i woke up in the middle of the night with this song stuck in my head for some reason. and i had only heard it once. really haunting song.

Livingdead Iggy

El vocal es Janne Kerminen, no Pasi...ahi nomas como dato curioso.

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