Love Yourself
Am I Blood Lyrics

Turning to myself the old breed is standing
In front of natural human
The wrong side of forty years
There's something wrong with me

I don't know what I should believe
Where I want there's not much to see

Think I knew before it was over
If you understood how to say
Written order between the lines
Leave this hell without fear

If you feel you can be on my side
Love yourself before you hate

All these visions passing by a mind
With a turtle eyes I could see
Anyhow it's on the way
What could better be
Love yourself before you hate

Contributed by Aubrey W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Derykah Smith

The professionalism of the doctor. He didn’t gaslight her, he didn’t laugh or judge her, he literally asked genuine medical questions.


How can you gaslight somebody if it is indeed their fault? She’s the one choosing to do it, she’s one that chose to start it, and she knows what could happen if she continues to do it. It’s entirely her own fault. So it’s not gaslighting whatsoever. Addictions are initially voluntary and premeditated choices so it’s not gaslighting. Eventually they can become seemingly involuntary but we always have a choice and thus still isn’t gaslighting.

brooklynn cole

Laniakea no


@Laniakea You took the words right out of my mouth 😂😂


Plot twist: The doctor is into it too.

Elnina Alphons

She took the "I'm not like other girls" to a whole another level

tamir sharif

@Zonzaxuxx How am i trolling because i simply said i find the woman Michelle attractive and sweet and would take her out? yeah o.k. i am trolling you're right you caught me.


@tamir sharif I know you're trolling I'm just running along with it

tamir sharif

@Zonzaxuxx Take what back me saying that Michelle is a beautiful sweet woman who i want to take out on a dinner date? No i will not.


@tamir sharif Take that back

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