No Friend
Am I Blood Lyrics

One more of your hollow screams
Counting on the fingertips of the soundless
Climb with pretence to a wall
The step covered into a wrong morphine
Walk with a porno lash with a whip
The sweeping fence of solved remorse
Surrounded by space icons

At least several clicks away
Cheap gallons for empty fairness
Mordant milk strives out and boils over
Glance over morbid enemy

Scurrying to a visible day
They assuring you vitality
Arrival from an ash to give
At once the doles of prayer

Throw away dust from granite heels
Switch off a power battery
Disclose the vanishing beat of head
Machine dies without surgery

Searching - Frayed Chime - Requiem
Tearing new head off

Taste the blood of sugarmeat
The lashing breath of dead bell's dream
Cold sense lurking dying harder
Mind covered into leprosy

Contributed by Caden I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Kleek Vishon

Sucks when the wrong friend is your only friend



Cutlery Gaming


Sakura CardCaptor




burger king foot lettuce

Now this is my problem

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Lay Yixing

"Stop holding onto people just because you have history together"


He mean about friendship on the badis of class cast etc


@hello1234 facts I moved at least 10 times in my life in the Chicagoland area and can you imagine this one area I lived in for 10 years I knew everyone or almost since I was 4/5 years old than I moved my sophomore year of high school to a new area we kept in touch till about my junior year than noticed my senior year everyone was changing then when college started everyone was either going their separate ways or just turning into skum bags from my old area when I moved back towards the area again made me almost suicidal since my new and old high school friends didn't wanna hang with me anymore and the struggle was real back than it's like mind games and I tell everyone I come in contact with get help if your going through a depression because it can get worse if you don't take care if took me 6 years to get that relieved not to mention canceling social media outlets it was a scary time for me from 08 to 2015 especially in the 08 to 2011 Era now it just feels awkward when I go to that one area I known people though


@noah ballinger yes

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