M'bifé blues
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Chéri m'bifé
Djara bi m'bifé
Ka na ta ka né to
Ka na ta ka né to
Djani ne m'bifé
Djani ne bé-fé
Djani ne
Chéri je t'aime
Mon amour, je t'aime
Ne pars pas sans moi
Garçon je t'aime
En vérité je t'aime
Viens chéri, j'ai besoin de toi
N'écoute pas les "on dit"
Tu m'aimes, je t'aime où est le problème?

Chéri m'bifé
Djara bi m'bifé

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Amadou & Mariam's song M'bifé Blues is written in the Bambara language, and it's a song about love, longing, and passion. The phrase "m'bifé" means "my heart" and is used throughout the song to express the depth of the singer's emotions. The repetition of the phrase in the verses and chorus gives the song a sense of urgency and yearning.

The first verse talks about the singer's heart and their need for their lover. They plead with their partner not to leave without them, expressing how much they need them. The second verse is a declaration of love, where the singer tells their lover not to pay attention to rumors or what others say, but to focus on the fact that they love each other. The chorus repeats the phrase "m'bifé" to emphasize the depth of their affection.

The song's musical style combines traditional African rhythms with bluesy guitar riffs, creating a unique sound that pays tribute to the band's roots while also incorporating modern influences. The use of the djembe, a West African hand drum, adds to the song's rhythmic complexity and creates a powerful, driving beat.

The song's lyrics have been compared to traditional West African love songs, where the singers express their emotions directly and passionately. The lyrics also explore the themes of separation and longing, which are common in many African love songs. M'bifé Blues has been praised for its emotional depth and sincerity, as well as its unique blend of African and Western musical traditions.

Line by Line Meaning

Chéri m'bifé
Sweetheart, I'm begging you

Djara bi m'bifé
My love, I'm begging you

Ka na ta ka né to
Don't leave me behind

Ka na ta ka né to
Don't leave me behind

Djani ne m'bifé
I love you, sweetheart

Djani ne bé-fé
I truly love you

Djani ne
I love you

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Tanti Reina et Aissata c'est pour vous!❤


This song allways destroyed me. Feel so blessed to have been raised with this album as a little kid. In a way, it made and makes part of the musician i am today


Hauntingly beautiful! I belive mbife means «love» in the mali language Bambera.


Me hizo llorar sin entender el idioma. No hay barreras en el arte, en el amor, en el querer.
Estas lágrimas las agradezco


Cette chanson est juste parfaite ! Bravo c’est vraiment génial !


How beautiful, my heart is dancing 💙 Amadou and Mariam, see you in December 2018 in Switzerland 😍


Mariam,,,tu as tout à fait raison...
On ne vit pas pour les autres...♥️👍


Proverbe Xhosa: on ne devient un person que avec des autres persons


"Une promesse c'est une dette".


Un jour...

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