Screaming Is Serious Business
Amarionette Lyrics

This isn't just a walk in the dark, we can't stay silent just the way we are.
Expecting the best we choose the best to be.
X2 Why would you even bother, to bother with him I know you don't believe the things, that he would tell you.
I know can't expect true belief, from the things he said to you.
It comes right out of my body, more you were the only love I would die for, and save say, scream.
You would love me, you would. you would.
Can't we take a moment, shhh
To honor from where we came, and who we are
Can't we take a moment... shhhhh!!
To make out what we had, n our mishaps??
You were the best and showed me your worst...

Contributed by Kennedy B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Yeah, Coheed and Cambria was the first thing that I thought of when I heard these guys. I love TFoT too, but I don't think they were present for the recording lol, I just don't hear it

Claudio Dopp

I came twice



jesus christ

Heard you guys on my spotify weekly, and instantly fell in love with this song and this album.

jay hundley

this is just amazing, love the guitar riffs, reminds me of early dance gavin dance, and the vocals, damn man i cant even explain how beautiful.


@gamerDroo Yup


@gamerDroo It actually has been on iTunes. Just search us in the store and the EP will show up. :)

Teo Chu

when i listen to this i immediately think of the mars volta! awesome!! keep that shit coming dudes

Brandon Jones

Thanks for taking the time to check us out man. I always throw it out there to people, but most of the time you never know if someone will actually go and listen to the music. If I run into you again, I'll have to get you a copy of the EP.

Brandon A.

Sounds like Coheed vocals with DGD "Blue Dream" instrumentals.

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