So Much Better
Amarionette Lyrics

Popular, yes you are, yes you are
You became a part of his obsession
Oh he's looking at you, looking at you
And you kinda like it
All the things you're looking for are not in him
But you cannot fight this helpless feeling
That you're always gonna be alone
Your hope's been bleeding
And i just want to let you know
Girl i gotta let you know
I could see your eyes, your heart is oh so desperate
It's alright, it's alright, don't turn away from me
This is nonsense, you deserve much better than this
But it's all turned into dust
His lies and mistrust aare true to you
You thought you thought you had his heart
But all he wanted was the space between your leg

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Comments from YouTube:

Jake king

this is so good. lol agree with all the Coheed and DGD comparisons, but they're great in their own respects.


I only heard Dgd in the first 3 seconds, other than that, these guys are amazing and sound a bit like coheed, which is amazing!

Alex Caraballo

His voice is so unique

Chikaku Mask

Alex Caraballo its cus hes blaxk

Zach Hartleroad

if you only know tillian from DGD then you need to listen to Tides of Man. It's the band tillian use to be in and it's glorious

Alex Caraballo

@InsanelyMike​ do you tilian pearson from dance gavin dance?

Alex Caraballo

Ik claudio from coheed and cambria he's awesome too


HAHAHAHA go look for Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria. If you like this kind of voice.

The R. EightyOne

instrumental had me until vocals kicked in probably will grow on me

h g

needs more views

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