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by Amarionette

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Jemar Dupree

on Chloroform Rags Work On Everybody

They're running scared,
with their tails between their legs
Pride will kill the rest of them
How we got this far
will be mystery
We've cut short
on every turn...

Please think twice,
They'll be watching us!
Glittering gold to pull you...

To pull you in-
Into another lying promise you can't resist
Fooled you once wont happen again
Don't let men pull your dreams down
Block you out of destiny

Please think twice,
They'll be watching us!
Glittering gold to pull you...
Into a place where you're cornerd
Starting from inside [?]
Cut these wires
Step outside

Step outside these,
Step outside these
Step outside these LINES!
They're not gonna take!
They're not gonna take me! (OH!)
They're not gonna take,
they will not take me alive!

Please think twice they'll be
watching us~!
Glittering gold to pull you~
Into a place where you're cornered
Starting from inside [?]

Cut these wires, step outside these lines

Cut these wires, step outside