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You're Only Young Once
Amber Pacific Lyrics

Two years to the day I'm on my way
I'm living inside with the words you say
It's killing me
How you're always bringing me down
So put to rest this breath that I can't forget
These marks just left on the side of his neck
It's killing me now
You're always bringing me down

You never learn to expect the worst
It always takes just the slightest little turn
To open up your eyes
And though it seems like we'll grow to change
You'll never learn cause you'll always be the same
Predictable inside

The way you are
It's not your fault you knew that
The way we were
So young and caught up in it
Too far to see how things can be
I thought I knew who you were

You never learn to expect the worst
You're falling short of every line that you've rehearsed
It's opened up my eyes
And now you'll see that we've grown to change
A contradiction to the lives that we have made
Still I miss you deep inside (Still I miss you deep inside)


Just close your eyes and dream of how you want your life to be
Now getaway, don't run away from all that you can see
Just trust that you'll be strong, and let your life move on

[Chorus x2]

I thought I knew who you were
I thought I knew who you were


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Miss y'all

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