Amplifier Lyrics

Flicker television
Like something that is breathing
I'm dead in bubblegum
And wishing you were here
You're where the rain never pours
It just floods down
In the places where the insects die
In the blinking of an eye
We'll be switching on/off
Watching all the ash fall
Well it's just like cigarette snow
And when I'm stoned
I'm missing you my dear
And the light is telling me that I'm alive
And you know that we'll be
Switching on/off

Contributed by Camilla W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Bogdan Echo Milosevic

4:08 is one of the greatest moments in music. Thank you Amplifier for existing

Aswan Tess

love this, it's perfection.


My favourite album from 2004, and one of my favourite bands by far.

Aasma Jain

i love this track... im happy to explore such music ... thanks last.fm ! :D...


Sounds really nice :)

Thea Ruggia

greatest album from this century... this band is a pure revolution and sound!

Alexander Lühr

Great Songs!!! Forever!

Melvin Jr

really nice band

Kevln Thurgood

one of the greatest songs ever written

NG Resonance

I mean, it's not bad.

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