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Hobo's Lullaby
by Anaïs Mitchell

Oh, go to sleep, you weary hobo
Lay back, lay back and close your eyes
I know you've seen a lot of sorrow
I know you've heard a lot of lies

They said, "Work hard and save your money"
You were a worker all your life
And in the end who got the honey
But the hand that robbed the hive?
It's a hard bargain they drive

Goodbye, goodbye to Main Street
Goodbye, company town
And who can say how far away
This wayward train is bound

And though the hounds come 'round your doorway
And though the viper's at your heel
Well, you can dream your rags to riches
On a stitch of gleaming steel, on a shining reel-to-reel

Goodbye, goodbye to State Street
Goodbye, Capitol Grounds
And who can say how far away
This wayward train is bound?

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