Endless Fantasy
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Jacques Goudin

Even your fantasies have limits. They are limited by the mind (the mind possessing the fantasy) but also by time, which is why it sucks to wake up sometimes.
We would probably have "longer" fantasies however if we had no obligations/responsibilities, which in turn would lead to an inadequate meaning to life.
In order to improve the quality of your fantasies - you need to continuously develop your mind.
For example, most of us can look back at our old fantasies and see flaws in those fantasies today.

PS. I love this song.
I make music myself and I have mainly been using real instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano, percussion, etc.) in my songs but this song inspired me to try out more electrical sounds.
= Me trying to expand my knowledge & musical perception in order to fantasize deeper in music itself (when creating/modifying sound waves & rhythms).
My idea of music today, should and will, be different tomorrow.
Know your limits, never accept them.

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Ar bello

Song makes me want to buy a marketable plushie

Rose Nija

Nila plushie?


This song makes me want explore the universe in a cardboard box, you know what I mean?

live laugh worship kyle

@RainAngel111 better times


yes. God, yes


u mean smonk jenkin and go to sweeden with jobel and tongo?

Lourdes Zampieri

@- Nathun xd dude



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Dean Birkett

This song has been battling my crippling depression and panic attacks for days now. Reminds me of theme music to flying Airships in older Final Fantasy games <3


omg yess i love final fantasy games :(((

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