Anand Bhaskar Collective Lyrics

Kab Se Pyaase, More Naina,
Kaahe Loote Tu, Mora Chaina,
Birha Me, Kaatoon Raina,
Mai Na Jhootha, Maano Kehna

Mori Radhe…

Tore Naina Hai Jaise Kanwal, Mora Manwaa Bhi Jaaye Machal
Birhaa Ye Badhe Har Pal, Tose Binti Hai Jaao Pighal,
Na Mai Kaanha, Naa Mai Kisna
Na Mai Maadho, Tori Preet Binaa,
Ab toh sun lo, Mori Baina
Mai Na Jhootha, Maano Kehna

Mori Radhe…

Kho Sa Gaya Mora Chaina, Jab Se Tose Lade More Naina
Beeti Na Jaaye Raina, Jabse Tose Lade More Naina.

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Comments from YouTube:

Anurag Nigam

It's disheartening to see so many less number of views on a masterpiece like this. I feel sorry for all the folks who are missing out on gems like this. This song never disappoints no matter how many times you listen #BleedABC!

Sabith PP

after ‘oru dhinam’ anyone?

Sanmit Keni

My favourite of Anand Bhaskar! You guys blend hindi classical and rock so beautifully. Very rare

Kamlesh Balasubramanian

at 4:30 there is a chorus by female back up singers which takes the song to a different level...too bad they haven't been featured in tbe video.

Suraj Jagtap

Even I am disappointed....

Anand Bhaskar Collective

Kamlesh Balasubramanian Her name is Kanika Joshi, and she's a fabulous singer!

Sandeep Nair

One of your best song after Hey Ram, its on repeat mode.... #Anandbhaskarcollective

Sheshagiri Pai

My absolute favorite! MOOOOOOrE RaaadhE....

Anand Bhaskar Collective

Haha! Thank you! <3

Mustafa Ayubi

Like Ajay's Solo... Amazing

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