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Streets of Calcutta
Ananda Shankar Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ananda Shankar:

Can't Help Falling In Love Am I out of my head? Am I out of my…
Light My Fire this s instrumental but the original song s lyrics goes…
Raghupati Let us sing in praise of Rahman. Who is the eternal…
Snow Flower Romaji Eoneusae gireojin geurimjareul ttaraseo Ttanggomi jin…
Walking On Giant steps are what you take Walking on the moon I hope…

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Comments from YouTube:

Matt somethingorother

This song makes me want to chase a criminal though the streets of Calcutta, jumping over walls and sliding across car hoods

Ishit Shau

Hendrix immpressed by Ananda Shankar's work and jammed with him once while he was in the USA. However, he refused Hendrix's offer to collaborate for a studio album as he thought it may not do justice to either's music.


A band called Kikagaku Moyo covered this song, which led me here. Love both!

Akinchan Sen

Such a melodious - like his fusion style. So sad - he left this world far too early at the age of 56.


This song makes me feel GREAT!

Revant Mehta

@RaptorRed Delta Lmaoooo

RaptorRed Delta

Yeah... Babies EVERYWHERE!!!!

Do Zaddy

This song makes me want to go to burger king and ask for directions to Wendy's.


This song makes me want to just leave my dead-end position in life and go exploring jungles, climbing mountains, travelling the world, dining in kings' halls, becoming a film-making millionaire, and having a family with lots of babies...five hundred of 'em....yeah. Babies *EVERYWHERE.*

Revant Mehta

@ParvenHumDinger Same here. My faith in humanity is restored from comments like these

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