Ancient Lyrics

(breathing) the cold air
(haunting) like nightmare
(feeding) frenzy bloodbath

(lurking) in shadows
(loving) a heartbeat
(quenching) a long lost lovely

Let me loose, I can't stop me
Need to feed, so hungry
Feels so good, but so thirsty
Hurts so bad, in my blood

(surrounded) by nightmare
(haunted) by night air
(feeding) frenzy blood bath

(lusting) hot pulse
(loving) the shadows
(teasing) a well known fever

Contributed by Julian J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

sirius light

Best band I have heard!!!


Seen live, awesome band!

Jaysus Mac Gabhann

Pretty good.

Popov Dejan

wow good one 0.0!

Henna Kiuru


D Carter

Ancient is god of black metal


i partied with JC in philly when i was living there, it was a lame goth club so all of us got a hotel room and partied all night


reminds me of abbath

D Carter

Cronos or Nattefrost is gods but Quorthon is too

Alexander Olsson

@evilderrick418 Quorthon is

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