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Bleak and Weary Passage
And it was a Cold and Lonely Winter Lyrics

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I just wanted to say that this poem appeared on my feed the day I was planning the route of the coward, the loss of my own hope in myself, and now I can stop thinking about it on every second I live, I stopped drinking, stopped gaming, I said no more to my addictions.
I'm studying, trying, fighting for my own place. And I won't give up I promise, but whoever runs this channel on YouTube; I just wanted to thank you.
I'll for sure will never meet you and maybe this message you'll never read, but to me you're important now, and probably in years to come. You saved my life and my heart is at peace, because I am now facing my own defeat with my head up, and I'm not wearing a crown for doing so.
To you, sir or madam, thank you.

Edit - Jan 12:
Hello everyone, I was surely not expecting my comment to gather so much attention, but I feel that I should share that I am doing way better than when I wrote this original post. I put effort into my studying, and I managed to get a scholarship, I placed effort in my body, and now I am training daily, I am not drinking at all and I wake up with energy to face off the marvel that it's a day. As Kipling will say "fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance run". I may not be doing the whole sixty but it's way better than what I were two months ago, so to whoever reads this, please, I know you don't even know me, but don't give up, life has its own beauty but it for sure doesn't come in a silver plate. I hope you can at least give it another chance with a different perspective.
And thank you everyone for your kind words.

Just to keep you posted on how life under a new light can be blissful, what looked grim now looks grey and what looked grey now has light by itself. Be thankful for being here, despite all, you're alive, you're breathing and life can be enjoyed, YOU WILL FALL, TRIP, STUMBLE, that's a FACT, but the important thing is WHAT YOU DO after hitting the ground with your face.
GET UP and keep moving, stop stagnation.
I kept doing that, standing up, now I have a job, I live by myself, my own rules, I have shifted my life 180 degrees and 3 stories higher (my new apt is on the third floor, yes it's a rental but IT'S MY FLOOR), it's incredible what a daily routine and dedication to achieve your own goals can bring.

Don't give up, I didn't, you can't, you're valuable.

Stay safe, and be happy.

Terry Arthur

How this man was able to coin the paradoxical way of life into a poem is sth beyond my understanding.

People aren’t bad and people aren’t good, they’re people, you can’t completely trust people, but that doesn’t mean you should hate people, because people just change due to the circumstances surrounding them.

I fell into an apathy for life, and it felt good, but then I realized sth, it felt like I was losing at life, yes I’d be protected and not get hurt, but it felt like no, that isn’t the way man was made to live.

It feels like the goal of life is to go through it while retaining your humanity but keeping the lessons you learnt through pain.

There’s a melancholy to life, a paradox and a sadism, but there’s also beauty to life, understand that life is meant to be experienced and you’ll find peace.

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Olly Hodges art

My grandads favourite poem, I read it for him at his funeral. Hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done

Joerg S

God bless you for this - Your grandfather must have been very proud of you. I have done something similar for my grandfather

Izhar Ali

God bless you and your dad 💖

Learn Eternal - English

that's hard AF

Dehydrated Culture

My gods

Olly Hodges art

@J C I'll check them out, thank you

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Cafe Poem

Kipling wrote the poem in 1910 as a father's wish for his 12 year old son. 5 years later his only son died during WWI.

Mike M

@Gage Ferguson No, he published it in 1910. It wasn't about this son, but written for a friend.

Mike M

@Spiritryptamine " and, dare I say, unecessary." Why?

Quotes of life

@Kvacksilver  @Spiritryptamine  yea that is why I am RECOMMEND this my CHANNEL TO YOU FRIENDS

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