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The Long Walk Home
And it was a Cold and Lonely Winter Lyrics

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Glen Campbell Some familiar place I've never been before This is a long…
Martin Page Baby You can pack away the moon And pour away the ocean Y…

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Toffer Arvid

When I start to feel lonely
I feel something hold me
It starts from inside
And can't be denied
This feeling is GOD
He's not a fraud
He created us All
No purpose is small
We must teach and be taught
No matter how tall
So go and be great
And try to relate
Because connection and intention
Will help you create

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“I’m cold, and I’m ALONE”

M Taylor

At least she lives on family property and can invite others over and put on clothing and get out the freezing water. She has options.

Aaron Goodwin

Hey baby...
It's cold outside!


Try making some friends lol

Mike Prime

I'll keep you warm

Aaron Goodwin

Intentionally! 🤷

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Isabel: "i don't have any rain water"
Also isabel: is surrounded by snow


6:44 Water comes only from a tap ! :D

Lali mondragon

😆 that’s exactly what I thought!


😂... I thought I was just snow ignorant for thinking this

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