Bad Girls Go to Hell
Anders Manga Lyrics

In the seemingly endless ocean
Of humanity there you prevail
In your eyes there hides an emotion
That is restlessly primal and pale

And the helpless feed off your aura
It's the birth of debauchery flair
Elevate the order of Progress
And Join the Demonic Affair
All the days go by like Hours
And the rain has stumbled and fell
Leaving justifiable lashes by your
ruthless pendulous hair

Burning hate into the ashes and the
consequence left to unveil
While the envious girls Just raise
their fists and yell

All Bad Girls Go to Hell

Bloodline Is A Severed Devotion
Plunging to the depths of erosion
There's no hope now of saving face
Washed Out any state of emergency
Phased Out by a common Hate
There's no hope now of saving face

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Comments from YouTube:

Troy Ready

My old friend Anders... keep up the great work!

Morrigan Darkstalker Aensland

It looks like if you usted Imvu for this video. I like it


Whats the producer of this music called?

Carlos Martinez Gonzalez

Anders Manga

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