Character in Charm
Anders Manga Lyrics

I have every intension of killing you
I'll consider all requests that you use
Don't take it personally, I'm Under stress you see
My distraught, nefarious plans, A diverse lifestyle I understand
Humor me, once again... I'll make it as less distressing as I can

Now Will You tell me if your faith is in good standing
Cause this isn't just another false alarm
No I wouldn't want to be a burden on you
No I wouldn't risk my Character in Charm

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Comments from YouTube:

rem hellsing

That guy has one of the most amazing singing voices I have ever heard.
This is my new favorite song

Ilber Mendes Maia

On the way to be the Bloody Hammers best album to date

Jannen Jemma

After listening to reverend bizarre and misfits spotify suggested this for some reason : ) well there was some rocky listening too. One cd purchased in Helsinki, Finland!


As a ToN fan I rlly like BH... and that bass:)


Welcome to the Horror Show, once you're in you cannot be let go...


Classic! Anders Manga fan here since early 2000's!

Bea Koch

Awesome Voice and awesome sounds! Like it!

Baby Dragon

You guys actually managed to sign a good band! Maybe the Napalm I used to love is showing again. Love everything about what this band has going on.

Diego Garcia

Day and day I find myself love this band a little more

Jacob Alexander

This shit is damn awesome. Planning to preorder this whenever i get money.

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