Anders Manga Lyrics

Mutiny, Like Disease Laughing Loud Again
Mutiny, Sadly Breathes Turn and Dance and Spin

What's that Boy You're Getting Tired, that's not in the plan
What's that girl you're making way for the garbage can

Once Again for the last time
Once again you see
I know it's gonna happen inside
I know it's gonna come to free

Mutiny, What'd you think Is it doing well
Mutiny, I can see after all is dead
Play the game don't compromise, tell it understand
Dancing Naked for the world that was just the plan

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"Something yummy for my tummy
The younger they are the sweeter
The elderly taste like prunes"

I'm dying of laughter....Was that their intention? X'D


Haha! Woah, holy shite, it's you Andrew! THE Andrew! Well it's awesome stuff man! Really enjoy what you guys are doing!

Andrew Virrueta

ahaha yea dude we try not to take ourselves too seriously xD

Andrew Virrueta

Same vocals as last album bud :)


Sounds amazing guys



Mark Rivas

This song is sick!!

javievery rockx

new vocal :/ .. ..ok the song is good

Morgana Grace

Vampire...squid. But...that is a picture of a vampire whale, isn't it? D:

Garrett Brown

Shark made of rocks