Anders Manga Lyrics

Surrender please, and empty my soul for all to see
Don't cry for me, I left my disorder to disease
But if you have the time, to shed blinding light to change my mind
Make a compromise, deconstruct faces redesigned

Surrender please, the merciless dreamer living free
Built vast security, approximate killer guarantee
But if you have the time, to carry your heart between your eyes
Make a compromise, color your machine black and white
Wait on me sometime there's a breeze before you fall
Erase all the meaning from the writing on the wall
Cry out for what you need to make it through it all... that's all

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Comments from YouTube:


I've been looking this song for months. Absolute 24 year old banger

Michael Bullington

Not sure why the official video has been censored two times that I know of...this song is beautiful. I have all of the out of print cd's by Anders' and this song has always been close to my heart. "Wait around you'll see a lifetime...wash the evening from your hands." All Hail to the Anders Manga

Tom Wells

His whole channel got the ax. Too many uses of copyrighted material and nudity. Not that they told him. Bit stupid of youtube if you ask me.

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