This Circle
Anders Manga Lyrics

This Circle, Isn't Meant to be Broken
This Circle, Isn't Meant to be Broken

Yes I think I'll sit around awhile
Cause you Bring Everything to Me
Your Pain, Your Breath, Your Heartbreak.... Your Apology
I don't think I'll ever Understand, Will You for me?

Yes I think I'll Turn it Back awhile
Cause You've Killed Everyone but me
Your Heartless One Last Breath Brings Insanity

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Comments from YouTube:


psuedopod brought me here


Pseudopod anyone?

Crate Diggers

I'm glad some bands are doing creepy atmospheric again. Too many angry growling aggression bands. Good on this! LP ordered!

Edgardo George

This song marks the start of a great time every time I turn on Pseudopod!!! Amaaaazing!!!!


Sounded familiar then I realized it's the song played on the pseudopod horror podcast.


Yep, most recent podcast had a mention of the video release. Video released in conjunction w/ album.


I remember when Anders Manga did this track... oh wait.

Oleksii D

( o Y o ) perfect!

Sean Waters

Great editing, directing and composition. Really dig the overall look and feel of the whole video.

Jordan Sin

does that make me the naked cat?? 😂😂😂

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