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2019 and I still listen to all of your music!
Andy Mckee, you the man.

This song help me through hard times.

Inspirational and Motivational, I love it.
Many blessings to you.



it looks like he and his guitar are having a conversation, and he can't help but agree with it.

Carlton Banks

best comment i read in a long time :D


i think you unintentionally just broke down the writing process of acoustic music.
whenever i come up with a melody or a riff that I think is "correct," i start to nod my head like andy does.

it's like...part of your brain recognizes that what you are playing is "right" and then you start to have a "yes that is correct" response.

Maxime Couhailler

What a song, I remember watching these videos without even playing guitar, and today Andy McKee is one of my greatest inspirations and I'm currently learning this song. Thank you Master !

Jeffrey Kim

This piece, Rylynn, and drifting hands down my favorites

Eric L

Those were the original three for me too. It’s Rylynn, blue liquid, and life as a CPA now.


like how the hell can you dislike this? This is not scene, this is not pretentious, he's not a sell-out, this is just a talented guy playing his instrument. Maybe acoustic music isn't your cup of tea, but for heaven's sake respect the shitload of effort and work he's put into practicing so that he's become able to play this kind of stuff so fluently and effortlessly.


He can die happy knowing he’s created some of the most beautiful acoustic music ever what a legend


I miss old school Youtube like this. I come back to this at least once a year.

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