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Samus' Stardrive
Andy McKee Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Andy McKee:

Africa I hear the drums echoing tonight But she hears only whisper…
Art of Motion [Instrumental]…
Drifting [Instrumental]…
For My Father [Instrumental]…
Heather's Song [Instrumental]…
I Will See You Again [Instrumental]…
Into the Ocean [Instrumental]…
Keys to the Hovercar [Instrumental]…
Practice Is Perfect [Instrumental]…
When She Cries [Instrumental]…

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Comments from YouTube:


Love this ❤️ wonderful memories

Ruslan Panganiban

Mike! :D

Niru Fekri-Arnold

This is still my favourite piece of yours.

I remember coming to see you perform in the UK and you'd been booked to a venue probably a lot smaller than you were playing at the time, it was super cozy and at one point you asked if anyone had any requests, I asked for this and you played it, still fully burned into my memory.

You came and we bought you a beer afterwards. Incredible memories man, beautiful song.

Vida Exuberante

Lucky man!!!


I remember hearing this for the first time in like 2005-2006 era... still a classic.

Marcos Zimmer

2019 was the greatest year of my life. Everyday when I went to school I listened to albums from Andy, Don Ross, Mike Dawes... But "art of motion" really changed me. Everytime I listen to the tracks on this album, it gives me the feeling of the best mornings of my life.

Lennard Schaap

Yeah Art of Motion is one of the greatest songs ever written on guitar !

Khronos 37

He kind of looks deep in thought playing this, compared to other videos of him playing with a happy body language. The song itself gives the feeling off even more as well.

Aman Yadav

He's looking at the transcriptions maybe?

Realchill Dude

The original album version of this got me through many hard times. Love this slightly different version, sounds fantastic.

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