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Andy McKee

I wrote this song while in Shanghai.

Chenlu Zhang

Now I live in Seattle, it remind me the old times.

Chenlu Zhang

I was born in Shanghai, and I heard this song almost 11 years in Shanghai. And I have looking for it for almost 10years then i found it.

Sean Perini

Your amazing

The Fweepo

I think this man is the best guitar player I have ever heard. Everyone of his songs are very enjoyable.

Paulo Ricardo Domingues

Really the best Andy McKee!


It just overwhelms me how he can ever start writing such beautiful songs

Marcin Konopka

Man... I first heard this song as a teenager and loved it. Then i stopped playing guitar and after soooo many years I went here I listened to it again... And tears in my eyes... Beatiful masterpeace... And you know what... I am going to the basement in a minute to clear the dust from my guitar... Thank yoi Andy... So much... For inspiring me ;)


3:33 - 3:37 The most amazing riff I have ever heard. Ever.

Andy McKee

I am honored, thank you.

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