Banshee Beat
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There'll be time to get by to get dry after the swimming pool
There'll be time to just cry I wonder why it didn't work out
There'll be time to fish fry for letters by yours truly
Yours truly

Someone in my dictionary's up to no good
I never find the very special words I should
So I have another party with a water glass
And I sit on all your actions its a birthing game
And I'll bet he needs a shower cause he's just like me
And the soldiers in the painting know your secret face
Well your parrot told me just how I can make you smile
Gonna let you do your thinking if you need awhile
But what I gave you made him get mad
A little bit funny how a thing like that
Could travel from one mouth in through another
And the next thing you know you gotta hear it from your brother and
The words they sting like a stump of old wasps
Remember when I said go throw the rock in there
And we ran through the woods to our good house
You forgot about the things that he could say like
I don't think that I like you anymore
Well I found new feelings at the feeling store
And I can't find you at our kissing place
And I'm scared of those new pair of eyes you have

So I duck out and go down to find the swimming pool
Hop a fence, leave the street and wet my feet I'll find a swimming pool
Cause when I'm snuffed out I doubt I'll find a swimming pool
Hop a fence, leave the street and wet my feet I'll find a swimming pool

But I don't wish that I was dead
A very old friend of mine once said
That either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good
Confusions not a kiddney stone in my brain
But if were miscommunicating do we feel the same?
Then either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good

You gotta give a little you gotta get a little bit

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of "Banshee Beat" are open to interpretation as they are somewhat abstract and don't follow a clear narrative structure. The song is mostly about the process of sorting through memories and emotions, trying to make sense of them, and finding solace in the feeling of swimming. The first verse describes the aftermath of a failed relationship or a disappointment, where the singer gives himself the time to cope and regain his emotional stability. The second verse is more stream of consciousness, with the singer's mind racing from one thought to the next, trying to make connections between them. The imagery of a painting, a parrot, a water glass, and a birthing game portrays a sense of chaos and confusion. The chorus brings back the swimming pool metaphor, suggesting that swimming provides a sense of clarity and peace amid the chaos.

The third verse stands out as a more direct commentary on the value of feelings and emotional connections. The singer recognizes his occasional difficulty in expressing himself and his tendency to avoid confrontation, but he also acknowledges the importance of feeling and the significance of trying to communicate, even if it is imperfect. The song ends with a repetition of the chorus, emphasizing the importance of swimming as a therapeutic activity.


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