Animal Collective Lyrics

When you claw me like a cat, I'm beaming
I like the way you squeeze my hand
Pulling me into another dream,
A lucid dream.

I'm getting lost in your curls
I'm getting crushed out on the things
That only I should see
Not for boys, they're just for me
Hurry to talk, from far away

Put on the dress that I like
It makes me so crazy, though I can't say why
Keep on your stockings for a while
Some kind of magic in the way you're lying there


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Domino Recording Co.

‘Tangerine Reef’, Animal Collective’s audiovisual collaboration with Coral Morphologic, is out now. Watch the entire film here:
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Oliver Dreyer


Mac Intosh

heard this song in the film “waves”. reminds me of listening to meriweather post pavilion to and from school on the bus, trying and failing to convince myself that this would be the day i told her how i felt about her. ah well! good times all told.

e r

YAY i wasnt the only person who would listen to them on the bus

Ethan Hart

Yup just watched waves last night and must say haven't listened to anco for so long. Use to always trip out on the Merriweather post album cover 😍

Nicholas Osella

shoutout to my ex for ruining this song for me

EDIT: I have come to realize that she did not “ruin this song for me” like I wrote. She actually gave so much more meaning to this than I initially understood. Because, I have so many feelings tied to this song, it was hard to relinquish those feelings while I listened to it. Now, with more clarity, I can just enjoy it the same as when I did with her. I have many other songs that remind me of people, this is one of the stronger more surface level ones that resonate the clearest. ... anyway, just enjoy the song. Peace.

not me

@1275638a seconded


shut up please

Gabriel DG

an AC song? omg


maybe we all had the same ex.....

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