Kick It
Anita O'Day Lyrics

(Kick it!)
Keep the rhythm movin',
(Just kick it!)
Yes, we're gonna groovin',
Is everybody stickin'?
Oh, kick it on out.

(Kick it!)
Pick the nearest partner
(Just kick it!)
When you're finished pickin',
Ask her, is she stickin'?
Oh, kick it on out.

When the band begins to rock,
And you feel that certain shock,
Listen for the drummer's sock
And then together, everyone get ready to...

Kick it!
Way up in the ceilin'
Just kick it!
Till you get that feelin',
You know you're stickin',
You're kickin' it out.

Kick-kick-kick-kick it!
When you're finished pickin',
You think the party's clickin',
If everybody's stickin',
Oh, kick it on out.

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Comments from YouTube:

Ray Szymarek

Gene Krupa knew that formula. Just like a great base ball team. Gene had one hell of a starting line up. Roy Eldridge little Jazz on trumpet. The late great Charlie Ventura on tenor sax and of course the incomparable Anita o day belting out the vocals like only Anita could


Luv ya babe! You rock my'll never be forgotten.

Jazz Ramblings

ah thanks for loading this!good ol' anita!

Nelson Montana

Love her. Great band and arrangement too.

Bill Melton

One of the finest singers, EVER. Your videos are very well presented. Terrific!

Jazz Ramblings

and how modern that intro was!


what a beautiful woman she was. women dont look like this anymore.. good stuff. thank you


nicely done.I dig it.thanks.


Oh Anita !

William Guerriero

Best female singer of the 20th century. She never hits a note head-on, always from the side, like a baseball pitcher nicking the corners.

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