Suzanne & I
Anna Calvi Lyrics

Suzanne and I
Never will we be apart
Suzanne and I
Never will we be apart

But we hold, hold, hold it down
Oh we hold, hold, hold it down

Cause the night calls me
When the wind, leads, behind the world

But we hold, hold, hold it down
Oh we hold, hold, hold it down

Cause the night calls for

Suzanne and I

We will rise

We hold, hold, hold it down
Cause I never, ever, ever, ever be alone

Suzanne and I

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Fiona Lovekin

She has everything a woman could ask for ...amazing perception!...............

Manir Adrian Aslam

I absolutely adore her. She’s beyond exceptional and is art in its most finest who even writes songs like this? No one! I find her hypnotically beautiful and sooooo visually sensual. She’s a Goddess! 😍

king bear

Couldnt put it better myself

Lyle Scott

Actually she does remind me a lot of PJ Harvey... that's one of the things that made me notice Anna Calvi. They both have this dark sound, beautiful music with noisy elements. Their voices aren't similar, but the musical sensibilities are. Like I wouldn't compare Anna Calvi to Amanda Palmer, or Annie Clark, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor or Merrill Garbus.... That would be just picking women's names out of a hat. A Polly Harvey comparison is relevant though, no? Anyway, her work is brilliant.

Henry Chinaski

Brilliant artist. She knows what she's doing. A true talent. & what a great voice!

Malc Bridger

Siouxsie Bassey.


Amazing - her voice is like a female version of Scott Walker.

Jasmine Surreal

Yes, I've thought this since I heard I'm the Man who Will Find You. She has a dramatic, arch quality unusual in women which I can relate to, and has this presence in her voice of velvety maleness.

Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

Great catch!!!! Wow!

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