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Mountains Crave
by Anna von Hausswolff

Mountains Crave
So they say
They say your name

Floods in the bay
It's a shame
It's a shame

The pain turn to rain
Ain't calming down
will it calm down?

And as far as we go
We go down
Will we go down?

And as far as we know
How do we know?
How do we know?

And as a far as we can go
How far to go?
How far to go?

And the Mountains Crave
It's in your name

They'll vanish some day
With your name

How do we know?
How do we know?

How do we know?
Do we know?

How do we know?
How can we know?

How do we know?

... that love will go on

(Dank an Kevin für den Text)

Writer(s): Anna von Hausswolff Copyright: Figs D. Music O.B.O. Misty Music AB

Contributed by Wyatt S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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