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Sun Rise
Anna von Hausswolff Lyrics

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Jesu Sunrise On the inside Man's dreams Flood your eyesight…

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Above All Above all, it remains it remains. Vulnerable, it remains it…
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Goodbye I see him run away from me I see him run away It is…
I Am Leaving I'm looking for something Something uncommon with your kind…
Källan A [?] The disarming sound When my body bleeds While we become …
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Lost At Sea My babe ain't coming home, he's lost at sea. Called me…
Mountains Crave Mountains Crave So they say They say your name Floods i…
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The Truth The Glow The Fall After the fall After the fall After the fall I'll find you …
Track of Time You keep troubles in your mind. And you keep them there…

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I got:

Did you know the perfect life?
Did you get too much of it?
Can your hear the people sigh?
Do you know I'm alright?
Did you get her number right?
Did you miss the sun rise?
Can you see the river shine?
But can you feel the charm in it?
Old men are walking by,
but can you see them smile?
Silver-green, good smelling trees,
can you smell me by now?
Seeing through a crack of life,
did you get it all right?

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What a voice, so rich in colours. Sometimes I hear shades of Elizabeth Fraser, sometimes Kate Bush, sometimes The Scarlet Chives. Fabulous.

Sergy Volodimirov

no prob bro,-no prob,@Сердце Пацана my english must be not bed then russo :)

Сердце Пацана

@Sergy Volodimirov nice english, bro :)

Sergy Volodimirov

you can listen usionally @Сердце Пацана because for me near to hearing ,but I'm can recommend to feeling this simple difference till yet sometimes:It coud will be unexpected and best effect:)Are you ready?Then let's go:)

Сердце Пацана

@Sergy Volodimirov ну да, если добавить громкости или слушать в наушниках, то можно что-то расслышать (вокал сам по себе, без эффектов). Просто по мне так чистый вокал приятнее слушать, но тут "каждому свое"

Sergy Volodimirov

In the full dinamics diapason !!!/it's important/Anna's voice is have making from unique talent and nature sounding/
I d't agree with your opinion--nothing from your list.

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Ru Mo

Some of the best music last years are from Scandinavia . Love it

Marcus Åkerman

Miguel Freitas they are from Sweden

Miguel Freitas


Gil Saraiva

This vaguely reminds me of "Song to the siren"( This mortal coil´s cover of the Buckley song with Fraser on vocals of course :)) in a rather starnge way ...brilliant ,Anna!!!!!

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