Tall Paul
Annette Funicello Lyrics

Chalk on the sidewalk
Writin' on the wall
Everybody knows it
I love Paul

Tall Paul, tall Paul
Tall Paul, he's-a my all

Chalk on the sidewalk (chalk on the sidewalk)
'nitials on a tree ('nitials on a tree)
Ev'rybody knows it (ev'rybody knows it)
Paul loves me

(Tall Paul) With the king-size arms
(Tall Paul) With the king-size charms
(Tall Paul) With the king-size kiss
(He's my all) He's my all!!

(Tall Paul is my love, tall Paul is my dream)
(He's the captain of the high school football team)

He's my mountain
He's my tree
We go steady
Paul and me

Tall Paul (with the great big smile)
Tall Paul (with the great big eyes)
Tall Paul, (with the great big kiss)
He's my all

Tall Paul, tall Paul
Tall Paul, he's my all


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Comments from YouTube:


I love seeing this rare clip of ANNETTE singing Tall Paul. She was so talented and so very beautiful.

David H.

she was cute as a bug in those days!!


I was 13 and totally in love, and she could sing too, what more could a kid want?


I grew up with Mickey Mouse Club... It did not take long for Annette to become the favorite of all the boys in my class. She was the "girl next door" with the principles and values (Disney's) which reflected what life was then back in the fifties and early sixties... We dressed to invite our "Sweetheart" out, we opened doors, met her parents, dealt (respectfully) with her older brothers, brought flowers, and a marriage was for the better or the worse but no matter what, it was forever... until death would do us apart... I lost my first love after 30 years of marriage... to cancer... I never recovered. Thank you Annette for the principles and values that may have been "naive" on our part but that were valuable in the "Golden Age" of America.
May Peace be with you all, Ciao, L

Jett Carlburg

"It did not take long for Annette to become the favorite of all the boys in my class"

(and a few girls)


There was a disc jockey in Bham, Al back in the 60's - 70's called Tall Paul who opened his morning show with this jingle

Jay Raphael's All Entertainment

The word "steady" is not commonly used these days. I only knew that word when I watched an 80's family tele series when that word was said.

Jett Carlburg

She was America's Girl Next Door!!!!

Bill Bright

Kid at a BB gun tin can ally for background.

Annette 💞.

Only song I know off with chalk on the sidewalk.

Annette was on a mouse club show with Donna Loren. What beauty and talent.

Son of Hecate

One of the ORIGINAL Mouseketeers.

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