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by Anomaly

do I call it anymore?
A few days to see what's passed
My old room feels a little smaller
have I ever really left?

Same old faces, dead end places
had to make a break run free
My conscience won't leave each rock alone
bound to find a casualty

It's all coming back to me
Ships set sail to far off places
Tides have turned
the time has blown apart
Ties are broken, words unspoken

Seasons of sorrow
I never thought that time could heal the pain

down these weathered city streets
to the springtime of my life
Like a first day of school
Pictures from the mind's archives

Hiding places, cold embraces
have to make the break run free
The music is mine alone to face
Virtue is my remedy

It's all coming back to me
This time I know I can face it

'Cause I have grown
harmony within my reach
Mind is open, voice outspoken

Seasons of sorrow
No more fear, time can heal the pain
Better tomorrow
No more tears, dawn after the rain

Hidden from the world to see
The bridge is burned, the map outdated
I'll set a course, trade asylum for the sea
Mind is open, voice outspoken

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