Dem A Question
Anthony B Lyrics

Hey I yogi yo see it yah, yogi yo revolutionary is right here
So to hell I will never disappear that why yo

Dem a question how dem no get mi
Have mi computer still caan internet mi
If mi was bingo long time dem would a sweat mi
Mi no race horse babylon caan bet me
Verse 1:
Play mi piano in a soprano
In a New York go judgement Juliano
Nah cover mi eye like a me name Delano
Affi keep it open if you know whey mi know
Jah children surround row by row
And dem a listen to mi tune pon radio
And dem tell me say dem love damage video
Every rhythm whey mi ride dem catch the flow
Lift you head high and no bother bow low
Children live what dem learn from dem a grow


Verse 2:
Bobo a no clown, born in a country mi grow up in a town
Never turn puppet, never turn push around
Come out a bobo camp wicked no like the drum sound
Haile King Selassie I with the triple crown
Black man stop shot you black brother down
Give out mi warning give out mi sound
Mi no business who a screw who a ben or frown
Doggy dog world and every dog want bone
Blackman please stand on solid ground


Verse 3:
Me no fraid a dem, warn dem
Me nah watch dem just a set mi trend
Me plant me seed it gi me root and branch and then the stem
Have me weed me bun it high and me no use no blem
When me waan fi learn visit the school Jerusalem
Yo no turn weak fence because money me waan fi spend
Stand strong like a Daniel in a the den
Caan say me never tell you from when


Written by: RICHARD BELL

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