Give Thanks For Life
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Hmm yeah
Life ah treat mi good so mi haffi give thanks
Mi appreciate it
Things coulda much more worst yeah
Things get better now
Pressure get lesser now

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Anthony B's song "Give Thanks For Life" express gratitude for the blessings and positivity in life. The artist acknowledges that life has treated him well, prompting him to express his thanks and appreciation. Despite the challenges and difficulties that could have made things much worse, he emphasizes that they have improved over time and the pressure has decreased.

The song conveys a powerful message about recognizing and acknowledging the positive aspects of life. It serves as a reminder to be grateful for the good things we have and to appreciate them, even in the face of hardship. Anthony B encourages listeners to focus on the progress and improvement they have experienced, rather than dwelling on the negativity.

The lyrics of "Give Thanks For Life" encourage a mindset of gratitude and optimism. By expressing appreciation for life's blessings and highlighting the positive aspects of their journey, Anthony B inspires his audience to maintain a positive outlook and be thankful for the opportunities that come their way.

Line by Line Meaning

Hmm yeah
Expressing a contemplative and satisfied feeling.

Life ah treat mi good so mi haffi give thanks
Life has been treating me well, so I must express gratitude.

Mi appreciate it
I deeply value and recognize the blessings in my life.

Things coulda much more worst yeah
The situation could have been much worse than it actually is.

Things get better now
The circumstances have improved over time.

Pressure get lesser now
The stress and difficulties have reduced in severity.

Writer(s): Keith Blair, Keith Morgan, Anthony Donavan Senior

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Paul Kimei

0:24 Still An Uplifting Hit ❤

Ziggy Gong

Não importa o que aconteça, sempre agradeça!


Just two words: LOVE IT <3

Wanjiru Karago

Sunday always a good day for some good reggae music 😍😍👌.

Shiva SATIva

this songs help me in my momently hard time give thanks however!

Never give up!!  ...Believe in Yourself!

peter karanja

Give thanks 4 lyf

Wanjiru Karago

Song was so well written


Biggest song from him so far to my knowing


This song has seen me through alot snuggles. Big up

Ricardo Ramsejewan

This guy always up lift my sprit.

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