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janu ta gayau xodi ta deyau
mero mayako aartha kaha bujyau
satha mero tmilai gban varko theyo
maya mero mari kina tadi gayau
mayata mero sachonai theyo

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Anthony B's song "Player No More" is an expression of a lover who has been cheated on or deceived by their partner. In the first line, "janu ta gayau xodi ta deyau" translates to "you went away and left me behind." The tone of the song is somber as the singer is trying to understand the reasons why their love was not enough for their partner, "mero mayako aartha kaha bujyau" translating to "what did my love mean to you?" They cannot comprehend why their intense love was not enough to make their partner stay, "maya mero mari kina tadi gayau" meaning "why did my love die?" The singer comes to the realization that the love they had was not genuine, and it was all a game to their partner, "satha mero tmilai gban varko theyo, mayata mero sachonai theyo" meaning "you played with me, and my love was in vain."

The lyrics depict heartbreak and the difficulty of letting go of a love that turned out to be false. It portrays the emptiness and pain one can feel when their trust has been violated, and love has proven not to be enough. Overall, the song reflects on the importance of genuine love, and how it can be hurtful and devastating when it's not reciprocated. It's a relatable story of a person who has been played and can no longer accept it.

Line by Line Meaning

janu ta gayau xodi ta deyau
My beloved left and took my heart with her

mero mayako aartha kaha bujyau
I don't understand the meaning of my love anymore

satha mero tmilai gban varko theyo
My trust in you has been broken completely

maya mero mari kina tadi gayau
Love killed me but still she left me

mayata mero sachonai theyo
I have lost faith in love

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