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Blinding Lights in the style of Depeche Mode
Anthony Vincent Lyrics

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Problem It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl! Hey…

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Comments from YouTube:

Anthony Vincent

If you like this style you might love my new project, Silent Knife. We don't have an album out yet but soon!

Ruslan Glazkov

You can make Depeche Mode in style of Linkin Park

Lily Of The Valley

The beautiful way you sang this went straight to my soul! 💘 This is a new experience for me!


How do we get notified. Do you have a facebook page?


I love how we all heard it and said 'this is it!! This is the one!!' Well done.

Lily Of The Valley

Hi Anthony! Yes, I love this style. In fact, Depeche Mode is one of my favs. You did a beautiful job here; and yes, I listened to your Silent Knife and loved it! You are perfection in your craft! A master of the stage (errr your audio room). 🙂

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Lawrence Akers

"Depeche Mode - the greatest band ever"

Man, you have taste! You already ranked high in my respect but now you've just gone through the roof.

Bana Aassy

When he said that, I honestly yelled "yes!! I love you!" at my screen. And this comment thread made me feel I belonged somewhere after all

Zen Kahlo


Annalize Roos


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