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Psychosocial Hybrid Theory
Anthony Vincent Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Anthony Vincent:

Problem It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl! Hey…

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With Slipknot each album is going to have different opinions, because each has a unique style, much like Linkin Park:

Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. is a strange mix of many styles, like funk and disco, with some pretty raw metal (namely Anders' screams and heavily distorted guitars) but the album lacks a real focus, with most of the lyrics being about a game they used to play (Rage) I think this is their most unique and most interesting album because of said reasons and many others you can look up on their Wiki page if you're interested (or just listen to it, it's good stuff)

Self-Titled is very agressive and psychotic, even more than Iowa. We also get some weird genres mixed in, with songs like Spit it Out and Tattered & Torn.

Iowa is similar to Self-Titled, but with a less psychotic/insane style and more straight-up angry style. This one doesn't really have any weird genres (except maybe the song Iowa) it's mostly just metal.

Vol 3 is pretty melodic, but still keeps the overall anger throughout. There are some weird stuff (like The Virus of Life and Danger - Keep Away) but otherwise it's pretty tame.

All Hope Is Gone is a hard one to describe, it sounds more "chaotic" than their other albums, but as usual, it keeps the overall anger. Nothing really weird here, like Iowa.

The Gray Chapter is once again pretty melodic, but with a grim and "doomy" style mixed in. I find it the most melodic of all their albums.

We Are Not Your Kind feels kind of a mix of all their albums (except MFKR since it was made in a different era, with some different members) It has some of the weirdness from Self-Titled, anger from Iowa, melodic bits from Vol 3, "chaos" from AHIG and some of the grim style from TGC.
There are some other albums like the Gold Disc (Crowz) which just leaked, and I could go into more detail, but you get the idea.

So yeah, it's hard to find someone who enjoys all their stuff, but I wouldn't consider any of it bad, all of their albums are amazing in their own ways.

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Anthony Vincent

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Sean Fernando Lopez

Im telling you, LP fans who wants more will definitely buy the LP covers you are making

Fadhly Zul

Try cover linkin park what have done in slipknot style

Marius Miron


Bruna Rafaela


Josh Harrington

Just found my new favorite song wow!!

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Marco Smarchi

The man who could sing like an angel and scream like a demon. RIP CHESTER

Walkhome boy!

i love him but...those words were used for Phil mofo anselmo


I respect Chester as a vocalist, he definitely knew what he was doing, but he gets absolutely dwarfed by Devin Townsend. Like, it's not even close. Cleans? Devin is practically an opera singer. Tonal fry? Devin is THE guy to mention when it comes to this sort of vocals, getting a much clearer and more unique sound with a rather unorthodox technique that even he can't explain properly. The man has it all, although i'm not sure if he ever did false chord growls, the ones on his albums are probably other people


he was a beautiful singer but screaming wasnt really good if im gonna be honest .. however still a legend

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