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We're In This Together
Anthony Vincent Lyrics

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Amy Diamond Come to me come quietly Makes my words your own Honestly be…
Justin Bieber Yeah, it's not easy growin' up You know, mmm Only two years…
Low Profile Yes yes y'all, it's time to get wild Low Pro's in…
Nine Inch Nails I've become impossible holding on to when When everything s…
Nine Inch Nails / Nine Inch Nails I've become impossible holding on to when When everything s…
Nine Inch Nailsⴀ I've become impossible holding on to when When everything s…
Nine Inch Nails I've become impossible holding on to when When everything s…
Simply Red All eyes were closed, nobody knows How the world wasn't able…

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Problem It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl! Hey…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Not sure if you'll see this but I wanted to say something beyond just how great this particular video is.

I used to surround myself with music. I did choirs as a kid, even got to travel and was on TV a couple of times for those corny christmas day local tv station things where choirs since christmas carols all day (I don't think that happens anymore though), tried my hand at a variety of instruments etc etc. Nothing ever really stuck but the singing. I grew up, eventually gave up on the singing, but still was surrounded by music. I'd listen to all kinds of things, I wasn't really a genre specific person. If it was good, I could find joy in it. As I got older, I listened a little less, but still more than I'd guess the average person did.

The last couple of years, for some obvious, and some less than obvious, reasons, that had changed. I had pretty much stopped listening to music, almost entirely. One of the few threads that I held on to was checking out when you did new covers or new 10 second song videos.

This current year, though, the pendulum has swung. I've been listening again, to both new and old stuff, and I'm still holding on to that thread of when you release music. You making music, of whatever kind, has played a significant role in that pendulum swing. It's a beautiful thing to see someone taking so much joy in creating new music or offering tribute to music others have created.

So, thank you, what you do is appreciated. Also, I'm more than a little jealous of the voice.

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Anthony Vincent

Who is ready to hear an original song of mine produced by Acle on Friday?


Beach Dreamer

I can't wait!!!!!!




It even releases on my birthday, this literally couldn't get better.


Got that bell set to all notifications, not gonna be missing it

Björn Carlström

Hell yeah🤘🤘🤘

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Love this, so much talent, incredible cover of a great song


As a ridiculously huge Nine Inch Nails fan, I have to say how excellent of a cover this is. You've captured the original's essence and made it your own at the same time. This is beyond words


Couldn't agree more. This emotes that original Reznor emotion that exists nowhere else.

Tony Gonk

Couldn’t have said it better myself

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