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Symphony No. 9 "New World": II. Largo
Antonín Dvořák Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Antonín Dvořák:

Song to the Moon Mesiku na nebi hlubokem Svetlo tve daleko vidi, Po svete blo…

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Comments from YouTube:

Erika Nguyen

this piece hits me in the feels every time. cries

Herm iona

Úžasné a krásné :)

Genival Barros

This movement is beautiful beyond description. Having the Berlin philharmonic conducted by Karajan then, it is close to perfect.

er ch

This is perfection. Not close to perfect but it is perfect

Stephane Petiet

Genival Barros this is the Vienna phil😂


Love this song! Brian Mays version is breathtaking...

holtzschue Yohann

My heart wells up into my throat and my eyes swell at the sound of this profound movement.......

Brianna Kaunelis

2:10 just beautiful!!

Brianna Kaunelis

@Brummie Orphan that’s the most accurate description I could ever imagine for that moment!

Brummie Orphan

It really does something dont it gives me a lovely summer days walk in the country side fields with a picnic basket full of bread biscuits ect im picturing a women in a light blue summer dress wearing a bonnet hat with a yellow ribbon stroking the flowers and high grass through her fingers as the kids set off in the distance playing whatever it is its beautiful

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