Charlie Brown
Anybody Killa Lyrics

Charlie Brown please don't come around because you're weed is dodo brown and it smells like the ground. Your still my homie, but with that weed you don't know me. When i inhale this, the stalness creeps up on me. Charlie.

I love weed, specialy when it gets me gasping, coughing up a lounge from that pasion. Grasping on the life with every hit that i take. When i'm high is the only time i feel awake. Roll it up. Bags on resurve is what i desurve. No joke i gots to smoke it calms my nurves, and if charlie was around i garente a tradgedy, from his dirt, brown weed makes heads start to hurt.Call me a high on red eyed zombi, smelling like old kanta twist a pinetree, and f**k smokey my names big inhale, and i'm known to take it down to the tail, you know what i mean. Rezy res build up on my fingernail. Clam bake inside the soundproof lotus pod cell. lettin out when i'm blessed again, so pass it back and let me get another hit big smoker.

Charlie charlie you're weed is so sorry, you must have thrown it in a dusty sufery. I just can't smoke that no more, eventhough i'm broke and i'm poor. I smell that shit in your bag i choke and run for the door. dont hurt chi charlie and homie you still my boy, just keep that blunt at your spot, and homie you still my boy. The stress i can't never handle i need to be high so stay the f**k off my block, and don't come back on my side.

Charlie Charlie you just ain't fresh anymore, be cause i like to be lifted. Your shit ground me to the floor. Don't make me deck you, charlie don't come round here with that, don't nobody wan't to hit that you bustas need to quit that. Charlie Charlie

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Comments from YouTube:

Matt Pizzle

ive heard this before here in nebraska city, my home girl was playing it while we went on a blunt cruise. glad i remember it finally lol love this song good memories

Nunya Buis

this is my fucking shit all day every day!!! from way back in the day sittin oon my porch in ny with MY rydas puffin a blunt...of that charlie brown haha back when most of you were still little shits in school not knowing who icp was..when i liked it

Faf Dus

I love this song

Billy Knoxx

Old school one up fam


My homie Jamie showed me this back in the day. I miss her.

Bethany Griffith




dane i


Myles TheWeedPileSmoker

u musta thrown it inna dust safari

Josh Laware


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