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Stayin' Alive
by Anybody Killa

Good news
Bad news
Bitch you choose
Wings are spread
Head held high
Time is God
So watch God fly
Where you at?
Why you here?
Are you happy?
Do you care?
Why's my pain look just like yours?
Something that you can't ignore
Come from behind closet doors
Look in my eyes and tell me more
Life is full of things in store
But dreams come true to those who soar
Watch your step
Paths you take
Walk real slow, that bridge may break
Keep on moving
Don't turn back
So close to the end
So stay on track

(Chorus x2)
I'm just trying to stay alive
(Trying to stay alive)
I'm just trying to stay alive

As I look into the future
All I see
Life and death chasing after me
And I, couldn't hide
Even if I wanted
Represent the underground
So I'm gonna flaunt it
A little dirt never hurt nobody
But lips get split
When shit gets spit buddy
Stay focused, no interruption
Always in overdrive
Cause there's no time for coasting

I should relax
But I can't so I won't
You tell me to get help
But I don't (F**k that)
Crazy thoughts going on in my head
And I only wanna lay them to rest (Lay them to rest)

1,2 killers coming for you
3,4 better lock your door
5,6 bitch be quick
You better duck your head
Grab your shit, and don't get hit

(Chorus x2)
I'm just trying to stay alive
(Trying to stay alive)
I'm just trying to stay alive

Can anyone tell me why my mood keeps changing?
Is it from the weed or the bullshit I'm facing?
I can deal with it though
Without the help of a pistol
Mind over body
About to explode
Can't catch me
No way, no how
Fast foot like a native running
Chase me down
Dark eyes like a eagle
To see right through you
Past and the present
Tell me what you've been through
You think I'm kidding
Well you're not even close
Cause there's only a few that I've shown
All my wisdom, all my pride
Peep stories that I see you hide
Tall tales, missing legends
All those things that keep you guessing
Most people they would call it a gift
But to me, its just some weird ass shit
(Ya'll don't hear me though)

(Chorus x4)
I'm just trying to stay alive
(Trying to stay alive)
I'm just trying to stay alive

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