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Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


The first 1:30mins translated, its all spoken in a childs voice. "I always hear unknown things, strange as it comes, you teach exposure, this tide also comes, why...I don't know, really always don't understand, only recently if feel cold, please lift me up, long long long..." I love Tsujiko's music, I have most of her albums...most of her lyrics are through the voice of a child. For example "Robot Hero" one of my favs talks about a robot drawing by a child in kindergarten. :D


This woman makes the most beautiful music that i ever heard. Love all of her albuns!

I just wish that the world know you more - instead of all taylor swift and biebers...

I'm so greatful for you music. without her i just be a lonely and depressed guy. god bless you!


Don't feel lonely, you are not. You just didn't find your soulmate now. There are many out there who feel and think similar to you. Trust me.


Heartbreakingly beautiful.




most powerful duo


soooo beautiful!




cette chanson me donne toujours des frissons. Intemporelle .



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