Aphrodite's Child Lyrics

I was
I am
I am to come

I was
I am
I am to come

I was
I am
I am to come

(ad infinitum)

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Comments from YouTube:


man this is crazy to listen to on headphones


mzondi1970 the whole album is. Did you listen to “All the seats are occupied”? Mental...


Banned on many radio stations after its release. Imagine sitting there with your family and this starts playing..

Katie Allen

as far as I know this is the only song that was banned not for lyrics but for the way it was performed

GrandFaja Armani

I bought the LP based on listening to "The four Horsemen" on WHFS in DC. When I first heard this track, I played it over the phone to at least a half dozen people. I'm dieing to post it on Facebook and see what happens.


Ein episches Meisterwerk.




Me: "Yo pass the aux cord"
Friend: "You better not play trash"

Grumpy Old Man

I first heard this in a friend's apt in 1973or4 - it took me years to find it again

Samuel Zuccati

I wonder if one day You Tube will age restric this, KEKW

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