Loud Loud Loud
Aphrodite's Child Lyrics

The day the walls of the citys
Will crumble away
Uncovering our naked souls,
We'll all start singing,
Shouting, screaming
Loud, loud, loud, loud.
The day the circus horses
Will stop turning around,
Running fast through the green valleys,
We'll sing and cry and shout
Loud, loud, loud, loud.
The day the cars will lay in heaps
Their wheels turning in vain,
We'll run along the empty highways
Shouting, screaming, singing
Loud, loud, loud, loud.
The day young boys will stop
Becoming soldiers, and soldiers
Will stop playing war games,
We'll sing and cry and shout
Loud, loud, loud, loud.
The day will come up
That we'll all wake up
Hearing the shouts of joy
And shouting together with the freaks
Loud, loud, loud, loud.
The day the world will turn upside down
We'll run together round and round
Screaming, shouting, singing
Loud, loud, loud, loud

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Comments from YouTube:

Steeve Daw

It's here,folks...!


👍Good Good Good Good👍

Celtic uprise

I love this track. And i love everybody. I love i am.
Maybe to much acid....or just enough..?😶😊😎🤘

Celtic uprise

@April Schauer music from my past. Memory's triggering past feelings.
The more i search inside my self the more evidence i find connecting us all. We humans want the same thing. Love is just that which we all long for. Through our characteristics of kindness, understanding, consideration, etc, we recognise thanks. I have become very philosophical in trying to understand my self. I believe "if i know myself then i know everybody else."
Alternatively, confronted with a society of competition, i find winners bathing in their ego and searching for further conformation of being worthy within the confines of an artificial reality.
Losers are those who have suffered the consequences of other peoples success and get the chance to reflect on their mistakes.
Errm ? To love everybody is to accept them. Not to judge and be critical but to reflect on ones own behaviour and take responsibility for ones actions. Creativity and the will to please oneself and others is my aim !

April Schauer

Yeah..such a nice track..but to love everybody..why?the acid speaks out of you;)


To think I heard a sample of this in a rap song.

Anthony m

@Rene Karser you acknowledge theres good rap so eh i dont mind. i don't really like rap myself but i can appreciate a good song regardless of genre.

Rene Karser

@Anthony m i obviously think like that. Rap is mostly shit. There is no talent required to become a rapper. The Beat makes the song not the rapping. Rock n roll was real music, where people actually could play instruments and write texts that make sense. There are great rap songs tho but usually rock is the better choice to listen to

Anthony m

@Rene Karser i was being sarcastic, people that think like that are morons.

Rene Karser

@Doctor Pazuzu rap is still shit tho

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